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Rebuild Category Tree Freezes

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Rebuild Category Tree Freezes
When I click on "Build Cat. Tree" then click on "click here to rebuild category tree" link... the page shows the following:
Adding Category tree...

Then in less the one minute the browser says Done in the status bar.
However, I suspect the job is not finished ...so I am wondering if there is an issue with it or maybe permission on file.. is denied or something.
Can this command be run from the SSH session (not from browser).. what command and parameters should I use to do so to have a complete rebuild of category tree.
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Re: [Mark2] Rebuild Category Tree Freezes In reply to
If you have a large category structure, you probably should run it from shell.

cd into the admin directory, then run:

./admin.cgi 'do=page;page=update_cat_tree.html;confirm=1;stream=1'