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Top rated links issue

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Top rated links issue
How can I alter the top rated page so that when a user clicks on any links shown that they open in a new browser window - currently they open directly in the same browser leaving our site for dead. Frown

This is inconsistent with the way links work throughout the rest of links SQL where the links all open in a new browser window.

Is it possible to change this behaviour?

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Re: [Fazzer] Top rated links issue In reply to
Just add

<a target="_window_%ID%" href=......>

To the link. Each link will open in it's own window.

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Re: [pugdog] Top rated links issue In reply to
Hi pugdog

looking at the template (rate_top.html) that generates this page I can see that <%top_rated%> and

<%top_votes%> is listed as the code that generates the links on this page.

So I cant see where I would use the code you are kindly offering me?

Some further clarification of where in the template or program I would alter this code would help me - thanks