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More than 1 review per user

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More than 1 review per user

I was wondering if it's possible to allow people to add more than one remark using the review system. I know that one of the issues is the vote/rate that is part of the review system but I suppose that if the rate/vote was taken out and that there was only the review /remarks then this wouldn't be an issue and people can vote anyway with the other voting system...
This would allow a bit more interaction between people posting remarks.

Any thoughts... ?

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Re: [Jag] More than 1 review per user In reply to
I'm actually working on this ;)

The "reviews" system can be modified into a small "posts" or "comments" section. In that case, you might like to allow a person to comment more than once, or to be able to change their comments. You can define limits, such as one post per 30 days, or no more than 1 edit per 24 hours.

I've re-done the ratings system, but have not tackled the review system, but that is the step after the next step with the Amazon scripts. I need to integrate the Amazon reviews into the system, as well as create a more stable/independent review system for the local reviews.

The delay in all this is I'm finally really understanding the "object" concept in perl (I started with Objects in c++, and never could really quite grasp them in Perl). Everything thing I know about Perl and OOP perl, I learned from Links 2.0 and Links SQL. Some of the things I've wanted to do in the past, such as a "Link" object, and "Image" object are now a real possibility, and that will work out of the "review" object.

A review has a rating, a title, and a comment. The Link has a review_set object that has total reviews, and average rating, as well as the list of reviews.

Once this is built, it would be possible to change this, and use this to be a small comments board, or almost anything else, simply by changing the table name, and adding in new accessor methods for each of the fields. (I actually, *really* understand that now <G>)

The reason I need a "Link" object, is that with complex data structures, such as Books and DVD's, where a Link (item) might have several authors, directors, and other multiple attribute fields such as reviews, favorites_lists, and such, having accessor methods to get the Link->reviews behind the scenes is really, really helpful.

This will help go back to my "arbitrary tables" concept, where each such accessor/method could have it's own associated table, managed by it's own routines, and simply returns the data in hash_ref or array_ref, ready for use by the main Links system.

It was a combination of a few things, but studying the simplistic Net::Amazon modules, that made it all click. Building new objects and interface methods on top of that, and on top of Links, is much, much clearer now.

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Re: [pugdog] More than 1 review per user In reply to
Hi pugdog - if you're still about - did you ever figure out a way to allow more than 1 review per user?

Or has anyone else? Could do this by modifying the code directly of course but trying to avoid that cause of updates.



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Re: [Chas-a] More than 1 review per user In reply to
The review_max_reviews option was added in 3.2.0 which allows you to set how many reviews a user can add to a single link.

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Re: [brewt] More than 1 review per user In reply to
Duh! Thanks Adrian. Smile

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