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Problems after adding column

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Problems after adding column
I have added a simple column to linksql for "ip address" following the directions in the FAQ's, I made the column and then in the "include_forum.html" template I added my code directly under the URL like this

<tr><td align="right" valign="top"><%body_font%>URL:</font></td>
<input name="URL" value="<%if URL%><%URL%><%else%>http://<%endif%>" size="50">
<tr><td align="right" valign="top"><%body_font%>IP Address:</font></td>
<input name="IP_Address" value="<%if IP_Address%><%IP_Address%><%endif%>" size="20">

**When I go to submit the record it works fine but when showing what is submitted I dont see the field for "IP Address" and when I view my dynamic page where the URL's show I do not see the IP anywhere..I also do not see the IP anywhere on the detailed page...where exactly should the data show after submitting? I would assume on the "detail's" page?

For instance after submitting I see this below but do not see the IP Address field, what I ultimately want is to be able to see all field's and have them editable...thank's for any help someone can provide.

**Also note I can see the test links I have posted and the IP's are in the column I made...not sure what else need's to be done to make them appear ona page

We have received the following link: Title: test5 URL: http://www.test5.com Category: North America Description: IP testing Contact Name: admin Contact Email: admin@mysite.com Thank you! We will send you an email once your link has been validated.
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Re: [alesis404] Problems after adding column In reply to
Hi. Here is a basic step-by-step;

1) Add the new field in Database > Links > Properties.
2) Edit include_form.html, so that it has this new "input" field (like you said you have already done)
3) Edit add_success.html, so that it shows this field too.

Then, in detailed.html/link.html, you should be able to use something like;

<%if IP_Address%>IP: <%IP_Address%><%endif%>

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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Andy: Aug 18, 2004, 4:37 AM
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Re: [Andy] Problems after adding column In reply to
Thank's Andy...that worked