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Unknown Tag: 'cfg_bans'

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Unknown Tag: 'cfg_bans'

In the Misc. option, it shows

Unknown Tag: 'cfg_bans'

Do not know why.

The version is 2.0.5!
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Re: [rajani] Unknown Tag: 'cfg_bans' In reply to
Did the upgrade complete ok (from a previous message it sounds like it didn't)? If not, some of your admin templates may be from an old version.


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Re: [Alex] Unknown Tag: 'cfg_bans' In reply to
Hello Alex!

The best is to install a fresh and a test version to check in parallel some of the problems occured.

By this I would be able to figure out if its a problem of templates or scripts not updated before I could place a message here and eat some of your time.

Will let you know if the problem is the same.