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More Importing Problems

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More Importing Problems
I've figured how to get importing links to work now, there's just one problem.

The link gets put in it's proper category easily enough - however, the category still reads there as being no links inside it, even when I click on the category the link is obviously there.

Is there a fix for this? If not, does anybody know what value I have to increment in what file in order to set the category number properly?

Also - the import Users function isn't working AT ALL. When I try to add a field to import it does nothing and I get an Error on Page message. Anybody know about this?
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Re: [Gurm] More Importing Problems In reply to
Repair tables then reindex
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Re: [RedRum] More Importing Problems In reply to
Repair tables then reindex

And I know that seems to be the catch all suggestion for everything, but importing is really the case where you must do it. We even have:

NOTE: You must run Repair Tables and Rebuild Search after performing an import!

after an import. This is because the import does not bother updating category counts, or indexing records in order that it can finish the job as soon as possible (ah those web browser delays, if only everyone had shell).


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Re: [Alex] More Importing Problems In reply to
Ah, thank you, I didn't realize that I had to repair the database as well, that seems a little odd.

But what about my User importing problem? You haven't mentioned how to fix that.