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Newsletter email problem

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Newsletter email problem

My ISP provides easymail instead of sendmail. I have changed all the references I can find to this in the scripts.

The path is /bin/easymail

Validation messages are sent to new users as they register but I am unable to send out bulk emails (newsletter).

If I leave the path to easymail the same as above- the message appears saying emails are being sent- but nothing more happens.

If I change the path to easymail to read
|/bin/easymail/ (as per ISP's instructions)
the newsletter is recorded as being sent to '0' addresses.

Using debug does not show up any errors.

is there somewhere else that I should change 'sendmail' to 'easymail'?
Can anyone provide any other solutions?

The newsletter is an important part of my installation/site.

Thanks for your help
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Re: [Alba] Newsletter email problem In reply to
Tried the fix described in 'bulk email error' posts.

It did work but only sometimes. I don't have the option of using SMTP. Can anyone else help?