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Question about used new server

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Question about used new server
Hello everybody.
seems to be a common theme right now, maybe its cause the sun is finally out.

had a install which I've had running for years now migrated to another server using cpanel (the host did this)

but I cannot access admin.cgi. its def there and permissions are 755 but I tap the url in from my browser and it simply refuses to acknowledge the file exists.

I am totally stumped with this, have read around but can't figure it out, server setup, file needs amending ??. It was a complete mirror so I would have expected it to work if I am honest.

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Re: [applenew] Question about used new server In reply to

You can't just download and re-upload it to a new server :) You need to follow the migration method given here:


Otherwise, its still using the old DB details, server paths etc... which is why it won't work Angelic


Andy (mod)
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