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Query about browser functionality

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Query about browser functionality
I have an issue with the way the browser works, mainly in view of a comparison with a system that enables workflow functions.

I have added a preview function that displays in the same page both the detailed_page.html and link.html so that both views can be visually checked by the author and forced a state I call 'preview' upon the link until it is validated.
Thus I have isValidated eq 'Yes', 'No', 'Preview' and only users that can validate a link (<%if CanValLink eq 'Yes'%>) have the ability to switch between the three states of validation.
The user is able this way to create an article and view what it looks like

From the admin I can give people the ability to add a link (<%if CanAddLink eq 'Yes'%>) and once they have created an article in the list area they can preview the article to make sure it looks OK.

The one thing I'm a bit stuck with now is that I'd like to enable users to be able to modify the link but not directly on a live link. I really need to be able to have a workflow system to allow for a modified version of the link to be created and checked before it supersedes and replaces the previous version. I have worked on a similar system with Vignette StoryServer but I was wondering if anybody had found a way around this with the browser script in Links ?

In this scenario I'm thinking of a system that actually caches a version X.+1 of the link and not a browser cached version that if back in the browser is used or the system crashes you lose everything.

This would obviously be a VERY nice addition to Links BTW, don't you think ?


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