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PugDocs.com pre-announcement

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PugDocs.com pre-announcement
This is a bit early (but hopefully only by a few hours!)

I'm changing the Links SQL FAQ site's official name to "Pug Docs" (sort of a play on words) and the URL will be http://pugdocs.com

All the old URL's, domain names, etc, will still work, only the "main" name is changing.

This will help me brand the service a bit more distinctly (ie: check the PugDocs for more) rather than the somewhat ambiguous "Link SQL FAQ" since there are several sites/locations where such an item is residing. It also doesn't step on GT's toes in any way.

It will also allow me to expand the sort of information I can provide, with Links SQL being one main tree, without confusing the visitors. I would like to add more general apache, perl and SQL information, that is not entirely specific to Links SQL, but is often necessary to the development of sites and installations running Links SQL.

Additionally, it will allow me to provide support for some other Gossemer programs, GossMail and Community come to mind, which are not part of Links SQL the way the Spider and AdvertPro are, without muddying the "LinkSQL" waters.

In short, PugDocs can contain pretty much whatever I need it, or want it, to, while "Link SQL FAQ" is somewhat specific and narrow. Besides, many of the questions or things in the old FAQ, were technically not "FAQ's" but hints and helps.

I'm considering this name change an additional degree of "normalization" for this site :), hopefully bringing it more "up to date", with a broader scope, and more accurate name.

I mention this here, now, since some things I'm doing are going to start referencing "the PugDocs" and I thought I should at least explain what that is (will be!) :)

My new sig will look something like:

PUGDOG« Enterprises, Inc.

but the old sig, will (should) still work.

PUGDOG´┐Ż Enterprises, Inc.

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