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Problems with Rate.cgi in 2.0.5

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Problems with Rate.cgi in 2.0.5

Been messing around in 2.0.5, and found a problem- at least on my install. In rate.cgi (or pm), errors are not being processed right, or at least the way they were. I was trying to make it so you could not rate entries with Add_Date's AFTER today's date (I use Add_Date to be the day a cartoon was released.... if it hasn't been released, do not want it rated...)

Anyway, the code seemed right, but after popping it in, I never got my error page, I got the enter a rating (or main rate) page. This frustrated me, and I went round and round on the code.

Then I discovered the same thing happened when I rated a cartoon for a second time... and when I did not add a rating at all.

So, to summarize, instead of errors generating the appropriate error page, just puts up the original rating page.

Is there a problem, do I just have a problem, or am I just messed up?


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