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Problems after server update

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Problems after server update

My provider changed my server configuration to
Apache 2.2, Perl 5.10.1,

Now Database repair(ph-build.cgi?do=repair), index(nph-index.cgi) and link status check give me an internal server error. Frown

Furthermore LinksSql tells me on the main admin page that I should create a password protection but my old passwordprotection works.

Knubbel Frown

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Knubbel: May 21, 2012, 9:28 PM
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Re: [Knubbel] Problems after server update In reply to

What do you see when you run it via SSH/Telnet?

cd /path/to/admin
perl nph-build.cgi

Does it run? Alternativly, do you have any error logs where it shows you why it crashed?


Andy (mod)
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