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Problems With Tags

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Problems With Tags
Hi All,

In my old links database (V2) i had the following in the link.html template

<%if isalt%>
<%ifnot isalt%>
In the database i had two URL fields, one for a tracking URL (AltLink) to be used in the jump ID but still display the actual URL. BUT in LSQL V2r1 it only displays the url if isalt is set to yes and doesnt display the default URL tag if isalt is set to "no". Any ideas why and how I can rectify this.


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Re: Problems With Tags In reply to
What is the value of isAlt?

If you set it to Yes/No, you have to actually check for 'Yes' and 'No'.

You can only use <%if tag%> if tag contains '0' or '' for 'no' and _ANYTHING_ else for yes.

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Re: Problems With Tags In reply to
Simple fix, change:

<%if isalt%>


<%if isalt eq 'Yes'%>

Ugly fix, edit Site_HTML.pm and add isalt to the list of values that get deleted like isNew, isCool, and isPopular.



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