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Problems Import data from 2.0

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Problems Import data from 2.0
I have great problems to import data from Links2.0 database.

I think I must import with nph-import.cgi which reads the links.def file from Links2.0

Do I need to define all fields/column in SQL before,
like they are in Links2.0 ?

When I use this import function, the categories and email.db will be importet without problems. The links not.

I got error messages:

..... Column 'Mod_Date' specified twice

The definitio in this section seems to be ok ...

# Database Definition: LINKS
# --------------------------------------------------------
# Definition of your database file.
%db_def = (

ID => [0, 'numer', 5, 8, 1, '', ''],
Title => [1, 'numer', 4, 4, 1, '', ''],

Maybe the fault is in this section:

# Field Number of some important fields. The number is from %db_def above
# where the first field equals 0.
$db_title = 1; $db_url = 2;

Do I need to define ALL the fields here?????
Can this be the problem.

Hope to get help. Im running in a circle since 2 days.


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Re: Problems Import data from 2.0 In reply to
Playing around a bit

Now I get this error message:

Import error: WARNING: Invalid date `' encountered.

Which field is meant with "date" ????

Hope that someone helps me