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Problem with sorting links and categories by "title".

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Problem with sorting links and categories by "title".

I have a problem with sorting. All my category names and links (names, titles) are in Russian font. I'd like to sort categories by "name" and links by "title" (from A to Z). But it doesn't want to sort them the way I want. When I "build all" I get randomly sorted links.

I've switched "foreign chars" in "setup/build option" on. Filled "build_sort_order_category" field with "Title", "build_category_sort" with "Name". And still i get randomly sorted links and categories (I'm using 2.0 Links SQL version). If anyone knows how can that problem be solved - please inform me.

Thanks you. Unimpressed

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Apeiron: Jan 30, 2002, 11:51 AM
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Maybe this thread is helpfull for you:


Probably you enter your records also in russian language. How do you manage this? I made the experience that I type in the values with kyrillic letters and save them. When I want to modify the record I the values are displayed not in kyrillic letters, they are unencoded. If I modify just the field I want to change, the modified field will be displayed in the right coding on the pages, but all other fields are unencoded.

You know what I mean?

Michael Skaide