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Problem with database

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Problem with database
I installed Links SQL 2.0 correctly 1 week ago. All looked correctly (connection to mysql database, posting new links...) but 2 days ago I tried to post new links and it appeared a database error:

Error: Could not connect to database. Reason: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111)

I've been searching through this forum looking for an answer but I'm not root in my webserver and I can't run telnet to make the needed changes. Is there any other method?

It's very strange because it has could connect ever to MySQL database and I don't know why now it doesn't.
Host,database name,login and password are correct.

I tell my hosting admin about my problem and said he made no changes on database and it goes correctly.

Please, help me!
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Re: [b3nj4] Problem with database In reply to
Sounds like MySQL is not running on your server. Best asking your hosting company again to make sure they double check it is running Tongue

Andy (mod)
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Re: [b3nj4] Problem with database In reply to
Have you tried again within the last two days?
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Re: [RedRum] Problem with database In reply to
I know that MySQL database works correctly cause I use it with 3 more scripts and all them works properly, Links SQL is the only one that doesn't. That's the most strange.

Yes RedRum, I've tried run Links SQL today and yesterday. I can't find anyway to make it work again!

Some days ago it worked perfectly and suddenly it stopped working, but I made no change and I still can't find what happenned.
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Re: [b3nj4] Problem with database In reply to
The error you mention above is a system error. Your ISP needs to address that. Often a server restart will fix it.

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