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Problem install final version with setup.cgi

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Problem install final version with setup.cgi
Hello all,

I had run install.cgi (final version of links) and enter the information like paths etc..

After that i run setup.cgi in the browser. When i hit the button NEXT in the first screen, nothing happens. It keeps coming up with the first screen of setup.cgi. So i can't enter any information :(.

Any know what the problem is ?
BTW: i did answer the question MOD_PERL/Speedycgi etc. with YES, because i am using a dedicated server. But maybe that's the problem ?

Allready thanks.

Regards Startpoint.

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Re: Problem install final version with setup.cgi In reply to

That is the problem. If you answer yes to being in a persistent environment, when you really are not, then no POST methods work properly. =)

I'm trying to come up with a better way around it, but that's definately the problem. Reinstall with persistent env = No, or you can just edit Links/ConfigData.pm and set it to 0 there.



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