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Print Categories
Ok, this one is a little specific, but if anyone has done something similar would you mind sharing your method...

I want to print out on paper (what else do you print out on?), a list of all my Top Level and Second Level categories only with their associated Category ID's.

The reason why I want this, is I need to move bulk links from deep subcategories to a higher level... a consolidation if you like.

On a similar topic, is there anyway via sql, to de-categorize an area. By this I mean taking a subcategory, moving all the links from its sub-categories to its self (top level), then removing all of its child categories. Another way to explain this is.. say I had Arts>Music>Bands & Artists. Bands& Artisits has a gazillion sub-categories and links. I want to consolidate, or remove all of the sub-categories of Bands& Artists and place all of the links into into Bands & Artists. This is for cleaning up dead or unused category areas, or moving information form "other" sources into my own category structure.

Gosh I hope that makes some sense to someoneCool