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Posting article within links..

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Posting article within links..
Is there is a way to tel Links to use a differnet detail templet if the link has a specific field mark by yes?

What I wanna do is allow my users to post articles to my links database so when a user clicks on that link he will read the article in a specific detailed page (different that the one we use for the general links)..

I have added a colum to links table (is article) can we use kind of <% if Is_article=yes use detailPage2.html templete%>...I know that is wrong...

I hope I made that claer..
really need help here....CrazyBlush

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Re: [katabd] Posting article within links.. In reply to
Hi -

I haven't used the detailed pages at all, so forgive me if this is way off...

But, what about simply using <%if ...%> tags on the detailed.html template itself?


<%if Is_article eq 'Yes'%>
Article Content
Non-Article Content

Matt G