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Possible incompatibility between Forum and Links?

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Possible incompatibility between Forum and Links?

I have finally (I hope!) got both Links and Forum running under mod_perl on the same server. I loaded the Forum scripts first, then Links (I seem to remember Alex once telling me to do so, as the Forum has newer versions of some of them.) In any case, I just became aware of a repeatable error when searching because of this. I get this:
GT::SQL::Table (38771): Unknown method 'build_query_cond' called at /hd2/web/c/cartoon/public_html/bcdb/admin/GT/SQL/Search/Base/Search.pm line 252.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

when scripts are loaded Forum first, Links second. When I reversed these in startup.pl (that is, load Links first, forum second), search seems to work just fine.

I am using the latest versions of both scripts- Links 2.1.2 and Forum 1.8


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