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Pls help evaluate this site

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Pls help evaluate this site
Hi everyone,
I would like to purchase this web site at www.searchmiddletennessee.com but I don't know what it is worth at the moment.

It is running on the latest Links Sql, thelatest PPC, some custom work has been done to the database, it has over 200 affiliate programs running with major brand names, it has Ad Cycle running as well as the Gossamer GoCArt plugin.

About 25.000-30.000 listings in it's database. It has a newsletter that already running with about 188 opt in members. Other things included a small business section that does web hosting, shopping carts, email software, domain name sales etc.

I will quite appreciate your help people.
Thanks a bunch.
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Re: [Soft] Pls help evaluate this site In reply to

It depends really =)

Software wise, it sounds like they have about $1000-$1500 worth on the site.

Traffic - this is a major player in how much a site is worth.

PR - The PR is only a 1, so wouldn't have much power on Google - this is a major thing to take into consideration, as it would really require building up more, to make the site rank better on Google (and lets face it, thats where most traffic comes from <G>)

Database - It sounds like they've done quite a bit of work on the database (in terms of adding links), so that will add quite a bit of value.

Not sure how much that will help.. but hopefully it's given you some pointers Smile


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Soft] Pls help evaluate this site In reply to
Is the site for sale or are you going to make an offer?

Regardless of what scripts power the site, the main criteria I would use is to find out what the site generates in revenue annually. The cost to purchase the site outright would be roughly 3x that figure, depending on other relevant factors.

This assumes the site owners are able to tell you this information. It is not much different to purchasing a 'bricks and mortar' business, except there is no stock or goodwill, instead there is the online reputation/traffic and other services.