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Placing new links in a single category

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Placing new links in a single category
This isn't a typical request, I'm sure, but it's how I have to work at the moment:

I have two groups of users that I will call standard and premium. Each user will be permitted one link (this is basically a membership directory, and each person gets only one listing). The users ALL start as standard, and are expected to create a standard link. At some point, selected users will be promoted to premium by an administrator, and when this happens, the newly premium users will be able to access new fields. I have all this covered (I think).

Where I have my problem is that I have defined two categories under Home: standard and premium. I would like all users to create their one link so that it appears in standard; I do not want them to be able to choose any other choice. I then want the administrator to be able to edit the link to change the category to premium when the user qualifies for a premium listing. This allows someone searching to readily recognize the difference between premium and standard.

I see where I can turn off their ability to pick a category in the form (by turning off the listing), but then the form requires them to pick a category outside the form before they can create a link.

How can I cause a default category to occur and prevent the users from changing it, while allowing administrators to do so?

Alan Frayer
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Re: [afrayer] Placing new links in a single category In reply to
Try putting the ID of the category on the end of the link to the add.cgi page - add.cgi?ID=2 for example.