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Picking Nits :)

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Picking Nits :)
I did a sloppy read, after all it's 3am and I actually was up most of the day.

Looks good, over all. I still have some questions, of course, but all this will mature over time. I'll post a lot of 'newbie' type questions, things that didn't make sense to me at first, so even if I've figured it out, it was still a question that someone else might have and need an answer to.

==== Nits ===

1) typo in walk-through 'per'
"You will need to do this twice, once for the per and once for the post. "

(I figure you can search for the offending phrase, rather than trying to pin-point it).

2) Grammar/Logic - not just them, but if anyone made the search, and it hasn't yet expired, right?:
"If they have searched for this before, we get the results"

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Re: Picking Nits :) In reply to
Thanks, I've fixed those. Can't wait for the rest of the comments. =)



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