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Perl DBI/DBD::mysql - mysql Libraries and header files

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Perl DBI/DBD::mysql - mysql Libraries and header files
I am trying to install my Links SQL on a new server and to my surprise, the new Plesk-based box does not come with Perl DBI & DBD::mysql installed.

After trying to install them via:

perl -MCPAN -e shell
force install DBI (fails some test and requires force)
install DBD::mysql

DBD::mysql fails because it can't find mysql.h

rpm -qa does not show that the required mysql "Libraries and header files" & "Client programs" are installed (per the mysql book para 2.7.1).

These are available at: http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mysql-3.23.html

However, these are version 3.23.56 and my new server is 3.23.54a. They won't install and complain that the files are in conflict with the installed version.

SO, the QUESTION IS: where do I go from here? Are the proper versions of the RPM files available somewhere or do I have to upgrade the database to v3.23.56. If I have to upgrade, what is the procedure for a Plesk box? Any risks of something else going up in smoke in the process?

I realize this is not a direct LINKS questions, so thank you for your patience.