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Paypal style sumbmission form.

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Paypal style sumbmission form.
Hi there,

I remember reading here about the "PayPal" style submission form, where you have to type in the number/letter sequence shown on an image to be allowed to sign up.

I have started working on a new project, and would like to incorporate this into the submission form. So if someone has done this, could they please send me the URL to the code to make this work?

I was thinking that I could just pass the name of the image to the script such as

ADE384.gif - use a regular expression to get everything except the .gif into a variable, and then compare that variable and the one they typed in to see if they are the same. However I am not sure if spiders would work around this, or if there is a better method to use.

If no one has done this, I would really appreciate some input on the best way to code this. My old site (WebhostArea.com - Sold it so I am siteless :)) - Was always getting bogus submissions, so I really want to eliminate time consuming hassles like that in my next site.

Thanks in advance!

Michael Bray