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Paypal Payment Logs - Info (paypal refund)

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Paypal Payment Logs - Info (paypal refund)
 My site is running well with submissions being paid and payments being processed by Paypal (working OK)

I recently made a 'partial refund' to a new customer, (after a small issue, which was resolved by mutual agreement by providing 50% refund)

I noticed that in the Payment Logs: Info page

this repeated entry (repeated 8 times, in the last 12 hours)

Payment Logs
Info (General payment Info)
Invalid postback: payer_id: FC*******4U verify_sign: AQ********************59Q.Sh******************4J16YmV5 residence_country: GB address_state: Highland receiver_email: info@mywebsite.com payment_type: instant address_street: 123 customer street name town address_city: customer city business: info@mywebsite.com payment_status: Refunded shipping: 0.00 payment_fee: address_country: United Kingdom charset: windows-1252 payment_date: 07:46:30 Apr 25, 2008 PDT invoice: **************** mc_fee: -0.68 receipt_id: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx address_zip: customer post code custom: do;process_payment=1;payment_success=1 payment_gross: txn_id: ****************G last_name: customer name receiver_id: ************* item_number: address_country_code: GB parent_txn_id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx payer_email: customer@email.com address_name: customer name notify_version: 2.4 mc_gross: -20.00 reason_code: refund first_name: customer name mc_currency: GBP

Any ideas?

Colin Thompson
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Re: [colintho] Paypal Payment Logs - Info (paypal refund) In reply to
PayPal is sending a refund notification to us, but we don't actually have any code to handle refunds, so that's why you're getting those as invalid postbacks. The reason we don't handle them is that there are just too many different things you could do on a refund - do we remove the link, or like your case a partial refund is even weirder to deal with. I believe PayPal will eventually give up. If they don't, let me know and we can add some code in to not reject PayPal's postback and just return a success to PayPal so they don't try again.