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Pay per click plugin

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Pay per click plugin

I'm running the PPC plugin on LinksSQL and have an issue - it's really more of an inconveneice really.

When a user bids a keyword, say they bid 200 of them, they recieve an email when each bid is validated and confirmed. That's 400 emails - WOW, it can be a little overwhelming for our users.

Has anyone managed to work out a way to send only one email for all in that session or just one letting them know their account has been updated?

There is a feature to turn this off, but I'm not really hot on the idea of sending emails manually every time.

On another note, is there a way to have an email sent to us when a user opens their ppc account? The way it is now, they have to sign up for their Links account and then basically sign up again for their PPC account( definitely going to look into that new community plug in). I have no way of knowing if they've opened their account - I'd like to know because we give them bid credits when they do.

Thank you in advance!