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Path and URL Settings for templates

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Path and URL Settings for templates
Hi. I have owned links sql for a while and I have recently installed it on my server. In links, I had my templates located under (build_root_url/templates) for the purpose of editing them easily with frontpage and frontpage extensions.

I went to the setup options for Path and URL Settings and for Other Paths and URL's, which is where I figured it would be listed, but did not find it. How can I find this?... or even better... if someone would make a plugin to add the changing of the template path it would be greatly appreciated.

- Jonathan
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Re: Path and URL Settings for templates In reply to
I think you will find those paths in the config files.

You could create a new global instead
sub {
my $templates = "/path/to/templates";
return $templates;

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Re: Path and URL Settings for templates In reply to
Well what I am trying to do is make a new plugin that would give me the option to change it under setup - Paths and URLs. I haven't searched all of the perl files, but these are the ones I found I need to change under these sub routines... any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

sub language
sub init_user
sub admin_page
sub user_page

sub main

sub help
sub fileman
sub _plugin_help


- Jonathan