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Password not being written to Links SQL database

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Password not being written to Links SQL database
I have installed Links sql, gossamer community and gossamer forums. When a user signs up throough community, the username, password gets written propelry to community and forums, but in links sql the password is left blank and the user can not login to the links database.

What is the cause of this and how do I fix it?

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Re: [Westin] Password not being written to Links SQL database In reply to

Thats what its mean't to do (in GLinks + GForum), as the passwords are never saved to those.

The problem sounds more like an error in your setup.

1) Do you have the Auth_Community plugins installed in GLinks + GForum?
2) Have you setup these installs as "Applications", via GCommunity?

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Password not being written to Links SQL database In reply to
Hi Andy,

Thank you for your time in replying. I really should have come back to delete or update my questions (but we went out to the Coachella Concert to see Morrisey and Paul McCartney instead Whistle ), but yeah after poking around on my server in the community directory I found the plugin folder and then opened community and the plugin manager to find that no plugins were listed so it dawned on me that they must have to be installed in the Gforums and Glinks plugins directories.

After I did that and installed them, it works a charm and works actually better than I thought it was going to work. Now I'll be able to direct people from our front splash page to either the forums or the Links database instead of making them enter through the community.cgi program which obviously was not needed since after installing the plugins, both the forum and links now sends the people to community to register and or login when they need to do so.

Anyway, in a nutshell, it's working great now, and I can only hope that version 2 of the forums comes soon (or is it out already?) as the current version feels very dated this late in the game.

Again, thanks for your time.