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PUGDOG's Email
I've been having serious email problems, first it was a network thing, but the past couple of weeks I've been trying to straighten out the qmail system that was on our main server.

Consider it qmail by fire.

I _think_ I have it finally working the way it should, and it seems email is again being delivered and not bounced at random intervals or for odd reasons such as "pugdog@pugdog.com No Such Mailbox" type errors.

I realized that there were serious intermittant problems a couple of days ago, and spent the past 48-72 hours working to get rid of them. I think I did.

But, any mail sent to me, any notifications, questions, etc might have gotten lost. Actually, there's a good chance it got lost, or might not be delivered for up to 4 days (my main upstream connect is a bit crotchity about re-delivering mail at times).

This is just a notice, since I've noticed my incoming mail volume is abou 1/10th what it used to be (of course the bouncing probably got me off hundreds of junkmail lists too!! --- every cloud has a silver lining!)

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