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PPC Irrelevant Keyword Bid Question

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PPC Irrelevant Keyword Bid Question
If you are running a PPC search engine how do you prevent links (websites) from bidding on keywords that aren't directly relevant to that website's content? The reason I ask is I have looked at many search engines and or directories that have a lot of irrelevant sites showing as the highest bidders on keywords.

For example:
A search of "Legal Software" may turn up 20 PPC links that are related to the legal field but have absolutely nothing to do with software. A user must go through 20 links or more to find a site that is related to their search.

Maybe I misunderstand how this works and I am sure some people may say who cares as long as someone is paying for the keyword but it seems to negatively affect the usefulness of the search engine or directory for the user.

It seems manually editing and administering bids takes away from legitimate bidders to bid in real time on key words. But that seems to be the only way I can think to do this.

Any thoughts on this? Is this a real problem? Is there a solution?