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PHP Front End to Links SQL

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Re: [Dan Kaplan] PHP Front End to Links SQL In reply to
Hi Dan,

Yes, you would be able to modify the add, modify, search, rate, etc php templates and change the links so that they link to a static directory rather then the dynamic one, although I'm not sure this is a good idea (if your pages are .php you still have significant overhead displaying them in a directory).

But the option will be there.


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Re: [Alex] PHP Front End to Links SQL In reply to
Hi Alex,

Thanks for the quick reply. Sounds like that system has definite promise.

While it's true that there is still overhead for PHP pages in a static directory, the alternative for me, and probably many others, is .shtml pages which are even more overhead. The fully dynamic page.php approach saves on build time, but it adds a different form of overhead -- extra MySQL query(s) to assemble the requested page in the first place. On a very busy site, I could see that being just as significant.

edit: I should also mention that the reason I feel some dynamic flexibility is important even in a static directory is that I look at Links as part of an overall site, whereas I think the development point of view is to look at incorporating a site into Links or Links being the entire site. As such, it often is not practical to build all of a site's functionality into the template sets; much cleaner (and several megs of disk space less) to dynamically include headers/banners/JavaScript/CSS like they are elsewhere in the site and be able to make "global" changes without having to also change those aspects built into the Links areas.


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Dan Kaplan: Oct 13, 2001, 9:15 AM
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Re: [Alex] PHP Front End to Links SQL In reply to
Hi Alex,

Well somehow we are not a big fan of PHP (we don't like errors:)). Can u explain what the benifits are for a happy perl/cgi user ? Is this really a good idea?

Allready thanks.

Regards Startpoint..

BTW: PHP fans don't shout to loud :)...
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