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PAYPAL Post Payment issue?

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PAYPAL Post Payment issue?
need help... using LinkSQL 3.0.3
steps that work...
  • user login & submit link
  • choose payment
  • submit payment
  • logged in to paypal & accept payment

Now, logged into linksql... shows no payment (awaiting payment)
configure to auto-validate link on payment.
under "Payment Logs"
nothing anywhere

In paypal transaction it shows....
Item Amount:
$XXX USD Shipping:
$XXX USD Handling:
$XXX USD Quantity:
1 Item Title:
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX link submission (2 Years) Invoice ID:
do;process_payment=1;payment_success=1 Date:
Jun. 21, 2005 Time:
10:XX:XX PDT Status:
Completed Seller Protection Policy:

what do you think could be the problem?

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jasy007: Jun 27, 2005, 11:50 AM
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Re: [jasy007] PAYPAL Post Payment issue? In reply to
Have you setup the postback correctly? Check your access/error logs for access to postback.cgi from paypal.

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Re: [brewt] PAYPAL Post Payment issue? In reply to
Just want to clarify that Posting the payment works, but no records of that in LinkSQL... so no payment logs in Admin area & I have figure out... which link to validate & have to enter the expiry date.

where & how I can do that?

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jasy007: Jun 27, 2005, 12:04 PM
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Re: [jasy007] PAYPAL Post Payment issue? In reply to
I check server logs in last 1 month... no entry for postback.cgi
Also postback.cgi is 755

what else do you recommend?
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Re: [jasy007] PAYPAL Post Payment issue? In reply to
Then you probably haven't setup the postback properly. You need to either set it up with your paypal account (if you've only need a single postback), or through the GLink's paypal payment setting page, the Payment IPN URL option.

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Re: [brewt] PAYPAL Post Payment issue? In reply to
Website Payment Preferences

Auto Return for Website Payments Auto Return for Website Payments brings your buyers back to your website immediately after payment completion. Auto Return applies to PayPal Website Payments, including Buy Now, Donations, Subscriptions, and Shopping Cart.
Auto Return:

Return URL: Enter the URL that will be used to redirect your customers upon payment completion. This URL must meet the guidelines detailed below.
Return URL:

Return URL Requirements: The following items are required in order to set up Auto Return.
  • Per the user agreement, you must provide verbiage on the page displayed by the Return URL that will help the buyer understand that the payment has been made and that the transaction has been completed.
  • You must provide verbiage on the page displayed by the Return URL that explains that payment transaction details will be emailed to the buyer.
  • Example: Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at to view details of this transaction.

Payment Data Transfer (optional) Payment Data Transfer allows you to receive notification of successful payments as they are made. The use of Payment Data Transfer depends on your and your Return URL. Please note that in order to use Payment Data Transfer, you must turn on Auto Return.
Payment Data Transfer:

Encrypted Website Payments Using encryption enhances the security of website payments by decreasing the possibility that a 3rd party could manipulate the data in your button code. If you plan on only using encrypted buttons you can block payments from non-encrypted ones.

Learn more about Encrypted Website Payments

Note: If you enable Encrypted Website Payments, all of your Buy Now, Donations, and Subscriptions buttons must be encrypted via one of the following methods:
  • Using the Button Factory with the security settings enabled.

  • Using your own code, you encrypt all website payments before sending them to PayPal.

By enabling this feature, any Buy Now, Donation, or Subscription button that is not encrypted will be rejected by PayPal.
Block Non-encrypted Website Payment:

PayPal Account Optional When this feature is turned on, your customers will go through an optimized checkout experience. This feature is available for Buy Now, Donations, and Shopping Cart buttons, but not for Subscription buttons. Learn More
PayPal Account Optional:

Contact Telephone Number When you activate this option, your customers will be asked to include a Contact Telephone Number with their payment information. Learn More

Note: Selecting On (Required Field) could have a negative effect on buyer conversion.
Contact Telephone
On (Optional Field)
On (Required Field)
Off (PayPal recommends this option)

I found this under Profile -> Website Payment Preferences (in Paypal)

Is this what you are talking about... please let me know otherwise where to look for these settings... what URL to enter...

should I point to postback.cgi url in "Return URL:"
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Re: [brewt] PAYPAL Post Payment issue? In reply to
Thanks Adrian!

I went over the LinkSQL Manual guide, again & found out... something about...

"Instant Payment Notification Preferences"

I will give this a try!

Thanks again Wink