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OpenID... anyone done a plugin for this?

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OpenID... anyone done a plugin for this?
Hey All -

I came across this and thought it was interesting...


Basically allows you to simplify the signup process and "plug in" to contact lists and social networking sites.

From the site:

OpenID is the building block for several other open standards that allow you to enrich the experience for your users and connect your site to the social web. Open source protocols such as Portable Contacts can be used with OpenID to offer your site access to a userís address book and friends lists. Activity Streams can be implemented on top of OpenID to allow users who authenticate with an OpenID to publish information from your site to their social networks, thereby extending your reach and projecting your brand to the social web.

Has anyone heard of this and/or done anything relative to GLinks with it?

Matt G
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Re: [Matt G] OpenID... anyone done a plugin for this? In reply to

I've just implimented a similar system using http://www.janrain.com/ . Pretty "simple" to setup (as far as simple goes ;)). I would offer to share how I did it, but I'm afraid I have an NDA for the work, so can't.

Hope that helps a bit


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Matt G] OpenID... anyone done a plugin for this? In reply to
Hi Matt,

I've just released my SocialAuth plugin for Facebook Connect integration in to GLinks (twitter support is in the progress and will be available soon).

You can see description of what it does on: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...th_Facebook_P314105/

Although it doesn't support OpenID (yet :) Facebook much more popular than OpenID and the general public is well aware how it works. Since I implemented Facebook Connect on two of my sites much more users signing up due to the convenience of using their Facebook profiles and not forced to remember one more account and password for it.

If you need more info or want to see it in action drop me a PM.


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