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Online Store out of Links?

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Online Store out of Links?
Hello All,

I'm thinking to build shopping system from Links2.
Just thinking, if system like that been made before, and if any of you knows addresses please post it.
I'm thinking how hard would be to add new fields, and picture support for all items.
It will need to show thumbnail, on the category page and big picture on detailed page.
Is there any information how to add new fields to Links 2.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Online Store out of Links? In reply to

I Think Pugdog was looking into doing something like this, it maybe an idea to post a private message to him, maybe you could combine powers. This forum is specific for the new Links SQL which is undergoing its final test stages, if you wanted to design the shiopping cart for the flat file based Links i suggest you post a similar message in there.

Hope this has been of help.


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Re: Online Store out of Links? In reply to
Links SQL users have modified the program in many different ways.

Two suggestions:

1) Search the Links SQL forums for E-commerce or shopping cart.

2) Peruse the Sites in Action in the Links SQL section of the Resource Center.

BTW: Are you referring to the next generation of Links SQL or Links 2.0???

I really think that a definitive name needs to be identified for the Next Generation since it is confusing between "Links2" and "Links 2.0".



Eliot Lee
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Re: Online Store out of Links? In reply to
Actually, it can be done.... it depends on how complicated you want it to be. I wrote a brief script about 6 months ago, (a modified form of jump.cgi <G>) that took a LinkID from the database, and checked to see if there was a corresponding ProductID in the products database. If it did, it posted a link, that linked to a page that displayed the product, and a link to print out an order.

Because I need real-time order processing, of some sort, I put the product on hold. I've started to re-integrate it with PayPal, and have some basic system working.

I need a much more complex system, and I'm torn between making something that is targeted at my specific needs, or spending a bit more time and trying to make it more general.

I know once the script is released, people will want all sorts of changes, and there is no way I can do that for free scripts.

It's not an easy problem. Whatever the solution, the script is designed for one-of-a-kind products and real-time inventory management. It's geared to using the Link datbase as the "show room" and the "products" datbase to hold what's available. It's the type of thing that would work well for art, trading cards, garage sales, etc. It's not the sort of thing that would work for someone wanting to set up an inventory store -- there are already scripts out there that do that, and I'm not out to reinvent the wheel.

Once the new links comes out, hopefully we'll be able to start some collaborative projects, where plug-ins like this can be designed.

But, honestly, there is no reason to develop something like this for legacy systems. The added features in the new code will help cut design and maintennence time way down.

If you just want a small catalog, check out how http://postcards.com works with the cards. A thumbnail is displayed on the catalog page, it links to a detailed page, and to a "send card" page (which could be an order page).

The _flow_ is the same.

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