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On Hold...
I'm going to put the projects I've got cooking on-hold for a week, and try to get the alpha-11 and then beta-1 installed, and working, customized, and get at least one live/production site out. Looking at the code the past 2 weeks, and at the documentation-- there is going to be a big learning curve here. Alex is also changing around some things as he gets ready for the production release (inevitable) but I don't feel like making 100's of changes over and over if I can just make the big ones I need, then keep installing the upgraded code. The shopping/auction/banner plug-ins work too closely with Links, and even the change from alpha-10 to alpha-11 was enough to require some fixes.

So, hopefully, I'll be up to speed on this stuff when it's ready to go.

I've been able to modify jump.cgi and detailed.cgi (as I said before) to work, so the basic plug-ins (old-style adding a .cgi program) are not too difficult. My next task is making the postcards.cgi work with it. If I can do that, then I've got the basics down.

jump.cgi determines whether something is an internal or external jump, and if it's a detailed page, random link, or ID-jump. Basically, jump.cgi, not the templates or parameters, decide what is a detailed page hit. ID=99.html would be a detailed page, while ID=99 is a jump to that link (which if it's an internal link, would be the same as the detailed page, or on the postcards site where everything is an internal link, it's a jump to start sending a postcard).

detailed.cgi is just a stripped down page.cgi that will display any page passed to it. ID=nnn or ID=nnn.html defaults to a detailed page hit. Anything else defaults to a regular page display with template parsing. It generates static pages dynamically (basically, a "leaf" page).

While the jump.cgi is somewhat esoteric for most sites, the detailed.cgi is something alex may want to consider adding to the next links. It's a lot less overhead to load than the full page.cgi and it _DOES_NOT_ generate dynamic links! (bypasses the d=1 parameter). It's a way to add dynamic content to static sites, without tracking a person into the dynamic site situation.

This is a whole new way to work with "links", but it opens up a lot of new possibilities :)

Next task will be the User.cgi, and Authenticate.pm

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