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Not displaying Links in search results?

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Not displaying Links in search results?

im just setting up version Version: 2.1.0 of linksql, and am having problems with the search feature.

when i do a search it comes back saying it has found no categories and 1 link - fine.

problem is it's only displaying a linked title for the link:

Books : Hardcover : Novels

and no actual link?? This is the code from the search template - which I haven't altered...

<!-- Links in this category. -->
<%if link_results%>
<%header_row%><td width=200>
<td bgcolor="white"><img src="<%build_images_url%>/default/ClearShim.gif" border=0 width="540" height=1></td></tr>
<tr><td colspan=2>

<!-- Next/Previous links if spanning pages. -->
<%if next_span%>
<tr><td colspan=2><%body_font%>
<small>Pages: <%next_span%></small></font>
<img src="<%build_images_url%>/default/ClearShim.gif" width="100%" height="10" border=0></td></tr>

<img src="<%build_images_url%>/default/ClearShim.gif" width="100%" height="10" border=0>

Does anyone have any idea why the formatted links aren't showing up?

I am using a mod to display unlmited links - see here. What that means is that the code inside the "link.html" template is encased in a <%loop links_loop%> - could that be the problem?


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