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Not Creating Static Pages

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Not Creating Static Pages
I'm transferring my installation to a new server running windows 2003. I have the software installed and functioning. However it only works through the dynamic database calls. With the amount of traffic the site gets I want it to create static pages. When I run the process to create the pages I get no errors even when debugging is turned on. However no pages are created inside my pages directory. I don't believe it's an rights issue as I've turned full access on for internet users and still nothing is created.

I did the standard install and just copied my template files over. The database is on an SQL server and hasn't changed.

Thanks in advance for any help

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Re: [billonmars] Not Creating Static Pages In reply to
If I disable the backup the site builds fine. So I'm pretty sure the issue is with my IIS 6 website timing out before it finishes getting to the build.
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Re: [billonmars] Not Creating Static Pages In reply to

Could you try running it via a DOS prompt? (In a "Remote Terminal Window"). Type;

cd c:/path/to/admin
perl nph-build.cgi --all

..and see what that does?


Andy (mod)
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