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No category id passed to parents ?

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No category id passed to parents ?
GT::SQL::error = GT::SQL::Table (32287): Wrong argument passed to this subroutine. No category id passed to parents at /home/.../admin/Links/Table/Category.pm line 426.

I get this if i try to repair my tables.
I really tried everything:

Test if there are any links without a cat. None.
Every Link is in one cat.

Test if there are data in CatLinks without a Link. None.

Rebuild cat tree.

Look for any fields not filled, that have to be filled.

I know i had this error some time ago, while some data are not given, but today i cand find anything.
So maybe i am blind, or maybe i have a problem with the table Category_tree, i dont know it.

Has anyone a clue how i can get more information about this? I cant find the right place to pass a "print" to the script, so to see with which
Link or Category this happens.

Thank you.
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Re: [Robert] No category id passed to parents ? In reply to
Found it! Just another f***ing link without a category; dont know why my scripts didn┤t find it.
BTW: In earlier versions of LSQL there was a way to proof if there a links without a cat; why this is gone?
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Re: [Robert] No category id passed to parents ? In reply to
Repair tables checks for orphaned links and should find it. Perhaps the link did belong in a category, but the category didn't exist (I don't think repair tables would find that).

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Re: [brewt] No category id passed to parents ? In reply to
Non-existent categories, or categories that don't exist after an import are still a really big problem.

Rebuild tree doesn't work either (I thought it used to, when this problem surfaced about a year ago). But, i did an import recently, and had whole runs of categories that showed up in the build (dynamic) but didn't exist in the category browser. I had to move the categories somewhere, then move them back to reset the whole parent thing/Father ID or something.

there really needs to be a full repair/rebuild for this.

The errors that are given are so obscure, that a real fix is warranted. At the very least a warning that repair/rebuild doesn't find orphaned or unlinked categories.

But, on a site that has maybe 10,000 categories, some automated way of finding them should exist.

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