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Next Release

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Next Release

Makes it sence that you publish a readme.txt which files has changed by the next release, or are there to many files with modifications?

I think about user who customize links, maybe with a lot of work, so it would be easier update, or maybe not :)


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I'm sure that is one of the things that will be published on a regular basis when they hire the technical writer.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Next Release In reply to
The last updates to Links SQL have included not only a ChangeLog file with the list of changes, but a complete list of all the changes in one big file. Have a look at:


Simply search for the name of the file you want to see what's changed and you can see a list of all the changes.

Our new installer that we will have will upgrade future versions and back up only files you changed since you last installed making it very easy to compare the two files.

Hope this helps,


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