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Newsletter annoying - ideas for new version

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Newsletter annoying - ideas for new version
Don't like newsletter section in GLinks at all.

Problem is this. If I want to send mail only to users which subscribed to specific category then I also email all users in parent category (ie. 'home' category). When I want to sent mail to users in another category then also, again, all users in parent category (i.e. home) got email. So, when I got through all categories, users in 'home' category got about 100-200 mails in each only one or two link. That is wrong by my opinion.

Better way would be, when sending to specific category, send email only to that category, not every parent category so would have option for user to subscribe to specific category or to all categories ('home' category).

Also, sending menu should be better. It's pretty annoying sending mail to every category (if you have more then 300 categories with daily submission). There should be option "Send mails to specific categories" where when clicked, mail should go to every specific category user subscribed and option "Send mails to 'home' category" for sending mail to every user in Newsletter subscription.

Hope I've explained it well.


P.S. Sorry for my English.

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Re: [deadroot] Newsletter annoying - ideas for new version In reply to
Hi deadroot,
I agree with this. First I had my newsletter set to category, but it's really annoying to sent each categorynewsletter on its own.
So I set it to newsletter_global_subscribe again, and I have to sent the newsletter only once.
The category newsletter is a nice idea but not practicable at the moment Crazy

Also there is still the newsletter layout problem
Would be nice to her someone from GT about this