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New date: add field and display format

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New date: add field and display format
I have added a column to the database that requires the user to enter a date. I would like the date to be a criteria (3) for searching the database. I would prefer that it not be in text format.

I am having two problems:

(1) The date field displays the database default format of 0000-00-00. How do I setup the field so the user can enter a date in various format that will still be stored in the database? Should I be using pull downs for day, month, year? Other suggestions?

(2) How do I get the date to display in a format other than the default format?

Is text format my only option?

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Re: [awhite] New date: add field and display format In reply to
I'm going to be using 2 drop down fields dd-mmm and yyyy to enter data.
3 drop down fields dd mm and yyyy as search input fields.
The data is going to be entered in the data base in the format yyyy-mmm-dd

GT are going to do this modification for me. Is this similar to what you are looking for?

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Alba: Jun 20, 2005, 12:59 PM
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Re: [Alba] New date: add field and display format In reply to
Thank you for the post. This sounds almost exactly like what I had in mind.

Why are there not three drop down fields, one for day, month, year, for entering data? Is it not a requirement to then have three drop downs for the search?

Are you planning to sort data by this date entry (rather than score or add date)?

I can see how to create the columns for the pull downs but converting months, days, years to numerical format then parsing the information to be one database entry plus create the search feature .. hmm I would need more advice to do this.

You mentioned that GT is making this modification for you. Did you try to do it on your own? Find plug-in? Or whatever?

I suspect a lot of GT users would appreciate access to this modificaiton.
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Re: [awhite] New date: add field and display format In reply to
OK, what I'm doing is not quite so straight forward- the dates in the add form are actually checkboxes designed in a matrix for each day of the year allowing multiple dates. The year is in a separate drop-down box.

My display sort order is taken from another field altogether.

I searched for a way of doing this myself for ages and also tried various ways. There are no plugins and also my requests for help in the forums went unanswered so I guess it is not exactly straight forward.

Please send me a pm with your website address and I'll see if it is anything like mine, I'll also tell GT that you are looking for the mod too.