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Need some help with setting up my home page (index).

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Need some help with setting up my home page (index).
I use style sheets to design my site. I am trying to get it to highlight the background of a category link, but it is hightlighting the whole background of the table (covers the whole page).

Is there an ICQ number.. of someone I can contact for quick support questions regarding customizing LinksSQL.
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Re: [6foot4] Need some help with setting up my home page (index). In reply to
This is really a HTML question, however ....

You need to define the following in your stylesheet:

a:link, a:visited, a:hover, a:active

Then you create pseudo classes for the relevant one:


a:link.menu {



This will give you blue text on a white background. Do the same thing for a:hover.menu, if you want it to change to some other color etc.

Then in your HTML code you would put:-

<a href="/your-url.html" class="menu">Click Here</a>

In this way only the link itself will change background colors.

Hope this helps,


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