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Need help with editors tag!

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Need help with editors tag!

Ok, I must be going crazy, because I could have sworn I posted this one a few days ago... just can't find it. And if I can't find, then you might not, so here it is:

I presently have the editors for a category show up at the bottom of the categories using the <%editors%> tag.

How can I get this to hyperlink to a profile on the particular editor, similar to which DMOZ has?

  • Bill

Links to : /path/editors/profiles/bill.html

My editors are asking form this, and I havn't got a clue!! Your help is appreciated.

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sooke: May 7, 2002, 9:27 PM
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Re: [sooke] Need help with editors tag! In reply to
I'd like to put a couple of additional field I have on my Editors into these profile pages like:

Editor Profile - "admin" <- Login Name

My Profile

Editor Status Senior Editor <- Custom column Editor_Status from Users, I have 5 diff. levels

Editor Since 1st April, 2002 <- I dont have this yet but could easily be added

My Web Sites http://www.thesite.ca, http://www.blah.com <- Matched from Users and Links

My Town, Province Victoria, BC <- I dont have this yet but could easily be added

Email could also be added, with an option to show it or not, or put a contact form at bottom of this page with the editors email automatically inserted.Wink

My Bio

My name is Joanne, I'm a married thirty something female. I am an Architectural technologist and I work for the federal government. I have a Golden Retriever named Mocha. <- This is a field I have yet to add, but could easily be added

My Categories

Business/Internet/Web Design and Development

Sports and Recreation/Winter Sports/Ice Hockey

This can be generated by matching the user with their associated editor categories, there is already a global for this on this forum.

Ideally, a dynamically created profile page like this would save much work, each time an editor is added, their assigned categories are changed, or their details are changed.

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