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Need to modify defined fields from NOT NULL 'Yes' to 'No'
It´s not possible to modify it, only when a field will created is a possibility to define it.


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You could use the SQL Monitor in the MySQLMan app that comes with LINKS SQL v.2.X:


UPDATE Links SET Fieldname = 'No' WHERE Fieldname = 'Yes'

Replace Fieldname with the name of the FIELD that you want to update.


Eliot Lee
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Re: NOT NULL In reply to
This is a little tricky.

Older versions of the built in editor didn't issue "alter table" commands, just updated the .def file.

To do this right, you need to use MySQLMan. Edit the PROPERTIES of the fields you want to change in the tables. After you do that, resync the .def files.

MySQL allows you to alter the properties of columns, but it will adjust the data to fit. If you have a text column, and change it to an Int, you will lose all your data in that column!

Just changing the NULL/Not Null shouldn't affect anything, but it might, if you had null fields and the column is now defined NOT NULL. What you will find will depend on your version of MySQL.

Changing a field from NOT NULL to NULL shouldn't cause any problems at all.

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