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MySQL - Links and Other Programs

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MySQL - Links and Other Programs
I currently only have one MySQL database. I am considering installing wwwThreads, which I notice uses a www_ prefix for all its tables/fields etc.

Is it recommended (or will it do any harm) if I install wwwThreads into the Links database - or is this in fact the preferred option with the wwwThreads plugin?

Any experiences good or bad ..... ?



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Re: MySQL - Links and Other Programs In reply to

In an ideal world it would be better installing different scripts into different databases, however I myself have installed 2-3 scripts into the same database in the past and it has caused me no problems. You just need to make sure that the tables names are different (obviously) - some others may be able to provide more information.

Paul Wilson.
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Re: MySQL - Links and Other Programs In reply to
Depends on your MySQL server configurations and also hardware of the server (RAM, CPU, Memory). For me, my hosting company's MySQL server was not very robust when I first started using MySQL databases. I found that data processing was slow when I had multiple applications accessing the same database.

But now with the server upgrade and also splitting tables into multiple databases, the applications work just fine.


Eliot Lee
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Re: MySQL - Links and Other Programs In reply to
wwwThreads uses w3t_ in front of all it's tables.

You can install Links SQL 2.0 with a prefix, such as L2_

That will keep your tables in "order" by program.

There shouldn't be any penalty adding more tables to the database. A "database" in MySQL is just a directory, and MySQL seems to keep track of "tables" opened, not databases. The more tables you have opened under MySQL, with more indexes, the more RAM and CPU you will need to run it all.

Databases are just really for security and organization to prevent table/name crashes.

By using different databases you can use a different User/PW for each database, and give each program exclusive but limited access to the MySQL engine.

This is more of a limitation in the programs, which use the same ID/PW for all tables, than with MYSQL which has table-level security as well.

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