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Multiple Sites - 1 copy of LinkSQL

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Multiple Sites - 1 copy of LinkSQL
I am wondering if I can use the one copy of Links SQL in a central location and manage multiple link sites with it. Most of the sites will have the exact set of categories, while one other will have just a single main category with smaller cats beneath it.

Is this possible? Can you create templates for ecah site? Please let me know.


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Re: [stressmedia] Multiple Sites - 1 copy of LinkSQL In reply to
I think there might be a licensing problem if it's running on several domains, but if there is only one code install, it might work.

Some people have been able to run different sites from one copy, using different template sets, but it takes quite a bit of modification. To get the builds to happen in different locations, takes some work, and you have to most likely use Apache redirects and rewrites to accomplish most of it.

Unless you have a reason for trying to do this, it might be easier (and cheaper in the long run) to install multiple copies. Depending on your situation there may be a break for additional licenses. (email GT's support/sales for this).

Links wasn't designed to do what you are asking, but the search_subcats_only feature does gives clues and insight into how to return only certain categories depending on the queries.

So, in short, the real answer would be "no" (most likely). Depending on your specific needs and reasons for wanting to do this, this may be some work arounds. If it's just to bypass the costs of additional licenses... it won't work <G>.

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Re: [pugdog] Multiple Sites - 1 copy of LinkSQL In reply to
Andy, don't you think it could become tooo messy have LinksSQL to create pages at the same time on two locations ? I don't know what you can do, but you should see if this is worth the effort ? I think for additional licenses, GT will discount a bit for us.
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