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Multiple Link Editors

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Multiple Link Editors
Hi all,

I'm playing around with a few things and came across an interesting situation. I would like to have a link entered by normal means from USER#1. Then, I'd like to have USER#2 sign in and modify or add data to the same link. Later, USER#3 will log on and add a little more info and make a few changes. Finally, USER#4 will logon and review everything and make any final changes before it's finished up.

I know I can setup several different editors to log in and use the browser to do this, but is there a way to have them log on by normal means and just use the modify page? The multi-step approach would only allow certain people to see the fields they need to enter, while others would login and see only what they need to see and add or change. Of course the initial submission would have a "master" account to oversee all of it.

I've tried using just about all the globals I can find, but I still can't get it to allow anyone to see the modification link unless they are the LinkOwner.

Any input or suggestions are eagerly appreciated!
Perl Hopefull
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