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Multiple Category Templates

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Multiple Category Templates

I read in an earlier post Alex wrote:
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This will be included in the next release due out today or tommorrow. Basically you can have a field called CustomTemplate in the Category table, and if it is there, then it will use the CustomTemplate specified. It will also search up the category tree to use a parent's CustomTemplate if specified.
however, I have tried to get this working without sucess. Has anyone done this and gotten it working?

Here is what I did:

Added "CustomTemplate" column to my category table. Here are the specs on that column:

15 CustomTemplate CHAR(15) No category.html CustomTemplate TEXT

Then I went into the template editor, (I'm using the default templates) and I edited the category.html just enough to notice, and saved it as category2.html. Then I went in and changed the value of CustomTemplate in one of my categories to "category2.html".

Unfortunately, the category is still built using the "category.html" template via page.cgi and nph-build.cgi.

Anyone have any ideas on what I'm doing wrong here?



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I just found the answer to my question in Links SQL Pre Sales Questions. Thats really an odd place to find updated code.... I think I had looked everywhere else on here except there....