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Multi Language question

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Multi Language question
Hello all,

I was trying the Multi language plugin demo, and i don't know if there's aaccess for the admin section as that ask me for a paswword.

Is there any one who can share the experience for woking with that plugin?, Does the plug in works with static pages?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: [Jesus] Multi Language question In reply to

I've implemented the multilingual plugin along with several others. It is easy to use although I admit I've done a lot of modifications throughout all the scripts. In my experience the multilingual plugin works better with static pages than with the dynamic pages, especially if you are building detailed pages.

Take a look but, as its a live site, please don't submit anything.

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Re: [Alba] Multi Language question In reply to
Thank you so much Alba... and congratulations your site looks very nice and clean.

Well, i'm thinking to use this plugin on static pages and with detailed pages, so i think it must be usefull for me.

Does this plugin add new fields to the tables on the database? or basicly how it works?

Thanks for your time to try to give me a better look of what this plugin can do for me.